Welcome to Scotland – the result of slogan hunt that cost &125,000 – Times Online


Passengers arriving at Scottish airports were never in any doubt that they were arriving in “the best small country in the world” – because of the signs that were erected telling them just that.

But this was the slogan of Jack McConnell, the previous First Minister, and it was derided by Alex Salmond when he was elected First Minister in May. In the new era of nationalism, the time seemed ripe for inspiring words that might evoke romance and expectation as much as they promised modernity and brisk efficiency.

Six months later – and after lavishing 125,000 on the initiative – the SNP administration yesterday revealed its exciting new slogan: “Welcome to Scotland”. The phrase is also rendered on the posters as “Failte gu Alba” for monoglot Gaels in transit. The copywriting component of the budget has not been disclosed.