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DNA frees Texas man imprisoned for 27 years| Reuters

man walked out of a Dallas court on Tuesday after DNA testing overturned his conviction over 27 years ago for the murder and rape of his girlfriend, local media reported.

James Woodward, 55, spent more time in prison than any other wrongfully convicted inmate in U.S. history who was subsequently freed by DNA testing, local media reported.

CultCase: From Sam Spade to Harry Callahan: Toughest Movie Characters of All Times

Toughest Movie Characters of All Times

From Walter Cameron and A.C. Abadie playing the sheriffs in Porters’ The Great Train Robbery (1903) to Douglas Quaid in Verhoeven’s Total Recall: the history of moving pictures is full of tough fellows and quite many tough dames. But who should be the one to be placed above them all? Who is THE toughest movie character of all times?

Another cracking post from,%20which%20is%20schematized%20above,%20to%20achieve%20gains%20in%20fluid%20

Scientists used a modified version of the n-back test, which is schematized above, to achieve gains in fluid intelligence previously thought impossible. The image shows how users were forced to remember both visual and auditory information streams.

Forget Brain Age: Researchers Develop Software That Makes You Smarter