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From the page: “When Alabama quarterback John Parker Wilson said, “We’ve got a chance to go out and do something that nobody has done here in a long time,” he wasn’t talking about the epic SEC Championship game coming up against Florida, or winning a national championship, which the Tide hasn’t done since 1992, or even bringing an SEC title to Tuscaloosa for the first time since 1999. Wilson was talking about beating Auburn in the Iron Bowl, something Alabama has failed to do for the last six years, an unacceptable state of affairs in Tuscaloosa. “

Scenes From Football History – 1982/83: How Fulham Blew It & Twohundredpercent

Scenes From Football History – 1982/83: How Fulham Blew It

Fulham needed to do better than Leicester to be promoted to the old First Division and played away to Derby, who needed a point to avoid relegation.

What followed was arguably one of the most infamous English football matches of all time. When people talk about atmospheres at modern football matches being “intimidating”, they don’t know what they’re talking about. The atmosphere at The Baseball Ground on that Saturday afternoon in May 1983 was poinsonous.