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Musallah | Flickr – Photo Sharing!


The third and final piece in a series of visual mashups based on the art of a relatively unknown Lebanese artist, DomduLiban. This final offering is almost a one-piece mashup — that is, it is almost entirely reconstructed from the constituent parts of a single piece of his art.

However, in the end, I relaxed that constraint in the pursuit of more beauty and a greater variety of choice, and I ended up using about as many pieces (around 5, including textures) as I used in the first installment, Janamaz.

And that ends the Middle Eastern Prayer Rug series, but I assure you, Dominic’s art will be seen in my mashups for some time to come!”

Domain names: Will sex still sell? – Business Analysis &Features, Business – The Independent

Let’s talks about In a Manhattan auction room this morning what was once the internet’s most valuable domain name goes under the hammer. Potential bidders won’t be allowed in the room unless they have on them a certified cheque for $1m, the reserve price, but how much might the address actually go for?