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One day


And not so far away now.

One day will be the day, and all this pain will end.

I wonder, is there a heaven and hell? Do suicides get punished by God?

I wonder mostly on the effect on those few how gave a crap about me. They are the reason I don’t. But one day they will have other reasons to continue. Then I no longer have to.

One day.

New research using a technique that measures the isotopes of lead and neodymium in lunar crustal rocks shows that the moon and Earth may be millions of years younger than originally thought.

The common estimate of the moon’s age is as old as 4.5 billion years old (roughly the same age as the solar system) as determined by mineralogy and chemical analysis of moon rocks gathered during the Apollo missions. However, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory scientist Lars Borg and international collaborators have analyzed three isotopic systems, including the elements lead, samarium and neodymium found in ancient lunar rocks, and determined that the moon could be much younger than originally estimated. In fact, its age may be 4.36 billion years old.

Return of the bedbug: Admissions to hospital for bite treatment rises by a fifth | Mail Online

Most of us probably think that bed bugs belong to a bygone age when hygiene was less of a priority.

But the tiny biting insects are on the march. Pest experts say the number of homes invaded by the parasites has exploded in the last decade and they are now a bigger problem than any time since the 1940s.

Some firms say that the number of call-outs they attend has gone up 200-fold in the last ten years.