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From the page: “”Web Strategies for Small Businesses”

eBook – Released November, 2010
AdvanceMe’s first eBook is a compilation of small business tips, all focusing on Internet strategies and web optimization.

Using web marketing experts trusted worldwide, we explore various related topics, including:

* Getting Ahead on the Web – Strategies To Make More Of Your Time Online (featuring comments from Aaron Wall)
* Building Web Success – Optimizing Online Conversions (featuring comments from Liam Delahunty)
* Understanding the Basics of Local Search – Optimizing Your Local Business Listings (featuring comments from Vedran Tomic)
* Should My Business be More Social Online? – The Role of Social Media in Your Small Business (featuring comments from Aaron Wall)
* Visual Communication through Web Design – Strategy and Psychology of Web Design (featuring comments from Melvin Ram)
* Strategic Linking for Success – 3 Things to Know About Linking (featuring comments from Debra Mastaler)
* Drive Net-New Sales Revenue – Don’t Overlook Paid Search Marketing (featuring comments from Geordie Carswell)”