Website Digg Makes Changes – News Markets –

From the page: “Has Digg’s nerd juggernaut outlived its usefulness? Kevin Rose, founder of the community-driven news website, apparently thinks so.

Rose is planning changes during the next few months to give individuals more control over how they view stories on the Digg site, shifting power away from the core of loyal and fanatical users”so-called Diggerati”that have built the community-based content-ranking website into one of the stars of Web 2.0.

The problem for Rose, however, is this: The same user devotion that made Digg a hit threatens to manifest itself as a backlash. Digg’s user base is already known for protesting every change in the website’s algorithm for ranking articles, videos, and graphics; the more radical transformation that Rose is proposing is bound to leave many in the Diggerati crying foul.

Digg is just fine with that.”