North South Media Blog

From the page: “Hmm, I get no pleasure from this, no pleasure at all. As some of the better known contributers to this blog are aware that we run a little SEO competition and score points from ranking positions across Google, Yahoo and MSN for certain keywords. Its been a harmless exercise, mostly jostling for key terms that users search for when looking for services from a search engine optimisation company.”

Paul from North South Media started taking flak for a nice little SEO competition they’d been running for the last half of 2007. It was never a serious competition and Paul admits it was a nice bit of linkbait, but baiting beget trolls who began to scorn NSMs work and the competition entrants qualities, as such Paul has had to pull the competition for this year – I for one hope he changes his mind – which is a pretty good application of reputation management if you ask me, another key skill set of any quality SEO.