Exercise Reboot 2013

As part of my own reboot I’m restarting exercise. I do keep a pedometer and have a vague notion of 10,000 steps a day, but I rarely get there. If I go to collect my daughter from school I might get that in, but even then I’m more likely to only get to eight thousand or so, like yesterday.

Most days I get a couple of thousand at most as I rarely leave the house unless it’s absolutely necessary.

Today though as I was boiling the kettle I got down on the kitchen floor and did ten sit-ups. Then ten push-ups, and then another ten sit-ups.

Six or so years ago I had a goal of doing 100 sit-ups, and then 100 push-ups. I did make the 100 sit-ups goal but hurt my back and stopped the exercise. I also had someone complaining at me that I was only doing it to prove I was better than her. :-\ So, after I hurt myself I never got back into the habit.

But I’m rebooting and here’s the goals again:

  • 100 sit-ups
  • 100 push-ups

Previously I did it by adding a few more each day. Sometimes I’d do several repetitions. If I couldn’t make it to a particular number one day, I’d go as far as I could several times to make sure I covered the goal and build up stamina until I could reach it. Eventually I’d get there after a few days of trying.

I’ll get there again.