CultCase: Roadside Bomb Attacks: 6 Naked Reflections of Reality Taken by Soldiers

Gil who’s here on SU as individualathome writes a great blog, it’s remarkable for both the great design which is on a blogger format, so you know Gil has some serious design chops to pull that off, and secondly for the broad range of subjects that he covers.

Here, I’ve found an older piece from the archives about the roadside bomb attacks in Iraq. Recently the news here in the UK has all been about a dysfunctional family with a now found missing child, the impending credit crunch, the Olympic protests and the day t day existence of the soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan has largely been forgotten aside form the daily number given of deaths.

This piece brings home some of the day to day reality of these soldiers who are just doing their job on behalf of a population that doesn’t even want them there, and in large despises them for the risks they take.