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BBC NEWS | Business | Economic slowdown hits borrowing

“The Chancellor, Alistair Darling, admitted that the UK economy will contract by around 1% next year, after falling in the second half of 2008.”

After the country and indeed most of the world getting into a “credit crunch” and recession following too much easy borrowing. It’s more than ironic that the Chancellor thinks the way out is by spending like a madman.

I’m left wing, but this is absolute madness.,0,5092606.story

From the page: “During his years as a professional athlete, Arlington Heights native Brian McBride has broken his face three times, nearly lost an eye and earned millions of dollars in a game that most of his fellow citizens think is for kids and foreigners. After a successful career in England, he’s back home, playing for the Chicago Fire.”

This really is an excellent interview with Brian McBride, who was the hardest working player I have ever had the pleasure of watching.

A favourite thing of mine would be after he scored, and he would look up to the Cottage in the corner of Fulham where his wife and children sat, kiss his wedding ring and make the sign of the cross. What a man.

Maggies Cancer Caring Centres: Home

“Walking through the door of a Maggie’s Centre will make a significant difference to how you live with cancer.

A Maggie’s Centre is for you if you have been recently diagnosed with cancer, have been living with cancer for years or have a friend or relative who has cancer.

Each Centre is situated beside an NHS Cancer Hospital and has been designed to be as un-institutional as possible, with light, space and warmth.

You don’t need to make a time or appointment to visit a Maggie’s Centre you can just walk through the door. There are no payments to be made and no forms to be filled in.

All our centres are run by professional, specialist staff. They are always at hand to talk to you or for you to talk to them. They can discuss any aspect of your cancer with you. You can tell them anything.

A Maggie’s Centre gives you choices. You can join a support group, take part in weekly sessions like relaxation and stress management or learn about nutrition and health. Or you can simply come in and sit at our kitchen table, have a cup of tea and a biscuit and start to breathe again.”