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Playing Nintendos Brain Trainer can improve childrens maths skills – Telegraph

Children playing Nintendo can significantly improve their maths skills and extend their attention spans, according to research.

Learning and Teaching Scotland tested 600 primary school pupils in 32 schools across the country.

Children aged nine and 10 completed a maths test before the nine-week project, and then again afterwards.

All the pupils’ scores went up, but those using the trainer improved by 50 per cent more than those who did not.

Sign in to read: The blunders that led to the banking crisis – life – 25 September 2008 – New Scientist

“WHAT’S the quickest way to kill a bank? As recent events in the financial world have shown, the answer is to deny them access to ready cash. Over the past year, a string of banking institutions have found themselves in such a “liquidity crisis”: unable to convince the market they can honour their promises to pay back money they owe. The result has been a series of high-profile failures, from Northern Rock in the UK last year to Lehman Brothers last week.”

NewScientist look at the blunders that led to the banking crisis