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For Amanda Hodson, taking a friend’s $40 bet that she couldn’t kiss the next stranger to board their bus home from school was a no-brainer. Taking a husband in the deal was a little more unexpected.

Five years after the bet, Amanda and Brendan Miles – who happened to be that next guy to climb aboard the Calgary Transit bus – got married Saturday.

“I walked on the bus, she walked up to me and all of a sudden she was kissing me,” Brendan said Saturday after the ceremony. “And I just said, ‘this is great!’, and so I kissed her back.”

Italian Law Stifles Public Crotch-Scatching | World News | Sky News,,30200-1307267,00.html

Italy’s Court of Appeal has issued a new hands-off landmark ruling – outlawing men from scratching their crotches in public.
Touching private parts to stay private

The ruling says that blatant scratching or holding is “an act contrary to decorum and public decency”.

Superstitious Italian men often hold or touch their private parts for good luck when they see a hearse or to ward off bad luck – the equivalent of touching wood in Britain

Escaping the Entrepreneurial Seizure: Interview with Michael Gerber (Plus: Tim Speaking)

4 hour work week interview with E-Myth Revisited author.

Escaping the Entrepreneurial Seizure: Interview with Michael Gerber (Plus: Tim Speaking). Michael also had a enormous influence on me as a first-time writer. His words to me were simple during our first lunch: “If you’re going to write a book, write a f*ing book.”

An Irishman blinded by an explosion two years ago has had his sight restored after doctors inserted his son’s tooth in his eye […]

The technique, pioneered in Italy in the 1960s, involves creating a support for an artificial cornea from the patient’s own tooth and the surrounding bone.

The procedure used on McNichol involved his son Robert, 23, donating a tooth, its root and part of the jaw.

McNichol’s right eye socket was rebuilt, part of the tooth inserted and a lens inserted in a hole drilled in the tooth.

KINGSVILLE, Texas (AP) — In this friendly little ranching town, “hello” is wearing out its welcome. And Leonso Canales Jr. is happy as heck.
At his urging, the Kleberg County commissioners on Monday unanimously designated “heaven-o” as the county’s official greeting. The reason: “hello” contains the word “hell.”

January 17, 1997